Parameters for Buying Fine Artwork from Online Stores

Fine art is one of the most preferred items for enhancing the aesthetic beauty of the interior. But choosing a suitable fine artwork is always a challenging task. Normally, a fine art store will have limited varieties of artwork. In such a situation, you will have to visit any of the online stores. But, the question remains where to buy fine art online and what are the parameters to be adopted for buying the same? The following are helpful tips when buying fine art pieces online:

Suit the Interior of the Building

It is very difficult to fix any parameter except saying that artwork should be enticing and thought-provoking. You should buy the artwork to match the interior of the building. This is because it is very difficult to change the interior of the building to suit the fine art.

Do your Homework

As you know, except for its exceptional appearance, fine art does not have any functional value.  But, the very presence of fine art will add that extra décor to the interior. Therefore, before you decide on where to buy fine art online, you should do your homework on the most suitable pieces to display throughout the seasons.

Your Preparations

As a first step, you should identify your requirement or preference. Then you should examine the suitability of the theme of the fine art to the interior of the building. Afterward, you must fix your budget. With these preparations in mind, you can now look for places to go to or ask recommendations from friends or colleagues on where to buy fine art online to complete the look of your interior.

  • The online store you visit should give you the original works. Some of the popular online stores claim to market original works by reputed artists. However, you should ask the online store to authenticate this claim. You must insist the online store to provide artwork hand signed by the artist and also a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). In case the artist has expired, then you must ask for COA from any of the authorized members of the artist’s family.
  • You should insist the online store that while signing on the fine art, the artist should mention his date of birth. You can verify the date of birth with the Wiki or other sources to establish that the artist is still alive. This is only one of the means to authenticate the signature. 
  • Another method of appraising the original work is through Connoisseurship. As you know, a Connoisseur is at par with a judge who has the ability to evaluate the authenticity of the fine art. He is so experienced that he will be able to tell you who could be an artist behind any given artwork. But, you must be able to locate such an experienced connoisseur.
  • Original handmade artworks will always have some folds. Due to the passage of time, there will be variations in the color. In such cases, the online shop would provide you artwork taken on a Rembrandt print mode. But, here again, you must insist the work should be signed by the artist. Further, you should insist on COA.

Cost of the Artwork

It is very difficult to evaluate the price of the fine artwork. In the normal course, original artworks will have a considerably higher price tag. On the other hand, those taken on Rembrandt print mode will be available at a reasonably affordable price.