Essential Web Design Tips for Online Entrepreneurs

As an online entrepreneur, one of the first things you must do to start your web marketing campaign is to build a website for your business in Cambodia. This is because a website is the cornerstone of a campaign as it is where your services or items are displayed for both your existing and potential clients to see. It is also where you can put out updates and other essential information such as company news, your latest products or services, and free tips or guides. If you hire the services of an SEO Cambodia firm, it will also be the subject of various optimization processes. But putting up any type of website is not sufficient, though. Careful planning and implementation (and maybe some help from experts) are necessary for you to come up with an efficient website.

Here are more specific web design tips you, and your SEO Cambodia team, can follow:

Ideal Typography – Make sure using fonts and font size that are easy to read. Among the most popular fonts, web designers use according to are Ubuntu, Myriad Pro, Corbel, and Cabin. This is for readers to easily absorb all the information that you present to them. Also, while fancy designs may add a little more design and may be more fun, it may make it difficult for your visitors to read what you post. Change the default settings if you must so you won’t have to make adjustments each time you publish an article.

Use a Good Template – If you are using platforms such as Tumblr, WordPress, Joomla, or Weebly to create your website, it is a good practice to browse through their available website templates. You can experiment with different ones first before choosing a final template in order for you to compare them with one another before you pick the best. Consider their color schemes, page layouts, media integration capabilities, widgets, add-on features, etc. You can seek help from a web design Phnom Penh or any web design in Cambodia expert too if you want to come up with your own site layout or if you want to edit PHP, CSS, and other codes of some templates.

Important Components – Make sure to include the right pages in your website. Among those which are valuable are the About Us or Contact Us, Home, Blog, Privacy Policy, and Services or Products pages. Also, it is ideal to make use of a general site search feature so your guests can easily find what they are looking for within your site. Also, add e-commerce features if you have items to sell. Adding an “add to cart” button plus an order form is also recommended. Consult your SEO Cambodia team as well for other components which can help improve optimization processes for your campaign.