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Enjoy Your Holiday in the Stunning Koh Samui Island

Crafts and Hobbies

There can be no better place than Koh Sumai Island, Thailand, to spend your holiday with your beloved family members. The Island is known for its tropical monsoon climate surrounded by stunning environment and exhilarating beach. You also get spacious and luxurious accommodation in this Island. As a matter of fact, you will find many Koh Samui boutique hotels that provide accommodation at affordable rental rates.

koh samui boutique hotels

Several Places of Tourists’ Interest

Koh Samui is considered as the second largest Island after Phuket. The Island has every facility that tourists require such as malls, restaurants, villas, public utility services and also local transportation services. The Island is connected by air, and ferry services are also available from the mainland. The Island has several places of tourists’ interest like the statue of Buddha, National Park, Namuang waterfalls, Aquarium tiger show, and so on. You would certainly enjoy every minute of your stay on this wonderful Island.

Interestingly, the Koh Samui boutique hotels have become one of the preferred places of accommodation among the tourists visiting the area. These hotels, apart from providing a comfortable stay, also entertain guests with their enchanting interiors and cozy ambiance. Other salient features of these hotels are explained below:

  • The hotels are located very close to the beach. The rooms are so ideally located that you can enjoy the beauty of the sea and the places surrounding the hotel, even from the bedroom.  In fact, some of Koh Samui boutique hotels are located at a walking distance from the beach.
  • The accommodation is artistically decorated with amazing boutique works and appropriate lighting. The rooms and suites are provided with comfortable furniture to provide you maximum comfort.
  • The hotels serve continental dishes along with some of the exclusive traditional dishes of Thailand. You will also find a pool bar, beach bar, and a  garden bar and restaurant, where you can enjoy your time with your loved ones in the best possible way.
  • Considering the demand for these boutique hotels, it is suggested that you will have to book your accommodation well in advance.  You can book your accommodation online, or you can also book through authorized agencies. Some boutique hotels offer discounts on advance booking. You may also be eligible for off-season discounts and special discounts during certain specified seasons. Some hotels offer special discounts for stay extending beyond a certain number of days.

Reasonable Rental

These boutique hotels have become a popular place for wedding and various other parties, including corporate meetings. These hotels undertake to provide every facility needed for holding such special events. The rental of these hotels depends on the type of accommodation you choose, duration of your stay, the number of people in your group and such other factors. Most of the tourists believe that the rental of these boutique hotels is considerably reasonable.  Perhaps, it would be appropriate that you browse through the website of these hotels so that you get all the required information as well as the type of accommodation and other facilities available.

Having a Massage for the First Time

Crafts and Hobbies

Going for a massage brings you immense health benefits and should therefore be scheduled once in a while. The Koh Feel Well Being Massage Centre offers different kinds of massage services to people in Oakleigh and the South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. If you need a professional massage treatment Oakleigh, you can get them from this centre. After a session, you will observe an improvement in your mental alertness and physical fitness. Even people suffering from serious ailments may notice that their symptoms decrease with a professional massage.

massage treatment oakleigh

Some tips to remember for your first massage:

For an individual going for a massage the very first time, it might be difficult to know what kind of preparation to make or what to expect. Below are some points you need to remember when heading into the Koh Feel Well Being Centre for your first massage session:

  1. You need to create an ample time for a massage session. You will need to be at ease during the session and this means that you ought to choose a free day. Even after the massage is over, you will need a bit more of time to relax.
  2. Be sure to communicate all your expectations before a massage. A Thai remedial massage Melbourne may not have the same impacts as a foot massage. Once you communicate your desires, the massage experts will help you determine the kind of session that will suit you best. It is also wise to communicate any health problems you have to avoid complications.
  3. You  need to dress in a comfortable manner to get the best Thai massage Melbourne. Think of the time after the massage as a chance for your body to relax and take in all the benefits of the session you have just been through. In this regard, the clothing you choose to wear to the Koh Feel Well Being Centre ought to have the right fit and comfortable feel.
  4. There is no reason for you to worry about your privacy during the massage treatment Oakleigh. You will have ample towels on your body to conceal your privacy. You are also given the freedom to undress out of view. In the event that you do not feel comfortable, the massage professionals at the Koh Feel Well Being Centre are hospitable and will address all your concerns. Some people choose not to remove all their clothes and still leave the massage parlour feeling rejuvenated.
  5. Focusing your mind on utmost relaxation during the massage will give you the best experience. Thus, you need to talk only when necessary and your phone is best switched off at such a time. A firm massage Melbourne will benefit you best if you tune both your mind and body to feel the soothing hands of the masseurs.

Many people worry about their first ever massage session because of the little bit of information they lack. At the Koh Feel Well Being Massage Centre, you will find yourself in a serene and soothing environment with massage services aimed at helping you relax.

To schedule a massage treatment Oakleigh, call 03-9939-8082 or visit You can also send an email to [email protected] for more information.

Creative Ideas to Try For Your Wedding Video

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Your wedding video is one of the most important souvenirs you can take from your big day. Wedding photos are pretty common and all couples hire a photographer to capture special moments on their special day. However, there are still couples who opt out of hiring a professional who specializes in Melbourne wedding videos. There are some things that a video captures that photos cannot. This is therefore something to consider if you have finally decided to invest in it.

Melbourne Wedding Videos

The next step is to make sure your video is memorable and creative. You can hire wedding videos Melbourne experts to record and edit your wedding film. However, you can also collaborate with professionals for wedding videos in Melbourne about the concept. The more input from the couple, the more special the video is.

Here are a few ideas that you can try with professionals making wedding videos Melbourne has today:

Document the Entire Journey

Your wedding is not just about the day you exchange vows. It is a long journey that involves your preparation and the honeymoon that follows after your wedding. Hence, you need to find professionals that cover Melbourne wedding videos that are willing to capture those special moments outside of your big day. The rates for this package might differ (slightly more expensive) but it is worth the extra investment so you can have a unique wedding video. Several decades from the moment you tie the knot, you will be able to re-live your journey towards your marital union.

Film Guest Messages

Your guests were chosen to attend your wedding because of that special bond you have with them. Hence, you can make your wedding video extra special by making them a part of it. A wedding is more than just a celebration of the union of two people. It is also a celebration of your friends and family who were instrumental in your relationship. You can therefore ask your wedding guests to share a message for you, the couple, and include it in your wedding film’s final edit. It will be fun to hear about your friends and family’s messages for you!

Musical Scoring

The experts on Melbourne wedding videos know how to select the right kind of music for their film. Musical scoring and the type of music that is used on the film is a crucial factor in the final footage. It also sets the mood for the film. You can discuss with your videographer if you can choose the music or if you would give them free rein on picking the music to use. When it comes to scoring, you should not limit yourself to music as well. You can also use the speeches of the guests or the music on the wedding event itself. It creates a more authentic experience that will make your video unique too.

Are you ready to turn these creative ideas into a reality? You can go to and learn more about how they create stunning videos of your special day that you will want to watch over and over again.

Why It’s Important to Have a Man Cave

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You may have heard the term “man cave” from several male-centered comedy movies, but rarely see it in most houses or apartments today. If you’re not familiar with it, “man cave” refers to a space or component of the house that works as your main personal quarters, a place where you can do anything you wish—play video games, exercise, or just chill and read a book. In fact, some males are so obsessed with repairing up their male cave that businesses like a man cave store are booming today. A man cave store in Australia sells bar gadgets, sports equipment, swimming pool tables, and so on.

man cave store
man cave store

Why build a man cave

Now, why is it good for you to consider having a man cave? What’s its importance to your well being or growth as a person, besides your growth as a man?

Setting aside the term “man cave”, sometimes you, as a guy, just have to be your own person, regardless of what kind of ideals society imposes on you. A man cave does not need to be contained in the stereotype of doing manly things like those you see in TV or films.

Regardless of your hobbies, sometimes you need to do what you like in a place where you feel comfortable and calm. Like any other person, you get overwhelmed too. You need a location where you could release your inhibitions and redeem your creative juices without putting a mask or feeling guilty in doing so.

Meanwhile, here are some key points to guide you in building a man cave in your home with your spouse or family:

Express your idea of a man cave – Among the most effective techniques on how you could make your partner acknowledge the value of expressing your uniqueness is to include your partner in building a man cave. Sharing interests is important in a relationship. You can even bring him or her to a man cave store and look for things together. Who knows, they might even like something in the man cave store and use or play with it in their spare time.

Talk with them regarding your decorating plans – Again, inclusion is important in a relationship. It might sound counter intuitive, but allowing yourself to become open to involving your partner in building a personal space opens a leeway for you to share yourself more. By doing this, there’s more space to become yourself and not give the idea that you’re shutting them off whenever you retreat to your man cave.

Don’t forget to prioritize your taste, but ask them for opinions – It can be as small as positioning the furniture. Asking your family or spouse means you value their views, which in turn makes them value yours, too.

Remind them of what happens next after – After building your man cave, you have to set some expectations clearly. Again, this is to avoid giving them the idea that you’re closing yourself off whenever you’re in your man cave.

You can use these points to make your man cave building easier and faster. If you’re looking for a man cave store Australia wide, you can buy quicker and hassle-free by shopping online.

Understanding the workings of the fountain pens and their parts

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Quite surprisingly, the modern fountain pens can detect their origin to the lowly quill derived from the birds’, preferably, a goose’s tail feather, the sharp end of which was dipped into the ink and used for writing. Coming to the fountain pens as people know today, with a nib and a reservoir, it can be traced from 1850s when there was a steady flow of ink pen patents and productions. The working of the best fountain pens has remained the same with those ancient pens with a considerable modification for which these pen users today hardly experience any kind of ink spillage and smudges here and there.


The mechanism of earlier fountain pens

When you buy a fountain pen, you will see that its working is quite simple – the pen holds ink in a tank within the pen which is delivered through the nib via gravitational force and capillary action. The earliest range of fountain pens was often referred to as eyedroppers because eyedroppers were mainly used for filling up the tank with the ink. There were no sac or filling mechanisms that took up the space within the tank, and thus it could hold much ink, supporting longer and uninterrupted writing. But the barrel was made of hard rubber, which was the source of the problem. After some time, the warmth of the hand expanded the rubber tank where the nib is screwed with it giving way to leakage.

Various parts of the pen

The smooth working of the best fountain pens is made possible with the help of the major parts of the pen and their matchless functionality. A few parts of the ink pen include:

·        Cap of the pen: It goes without saying that the caps help in protecting the nib of the pen, and the earliest varieties of these pens had the slip-on caps which were later modified into screw-on caps as well as clutch cap and snap on caps. The metal bands which are normally found near the mouth of the hard rubber or plastic caps only play a decorative role. They help in reinforcing the portion of the cap that receives the maximum amount of stress and ceases the spreading of cracks in the cap lip.

·        Clip of the cap: The clip’s size, finish and decoration simply add to the personality of the pen and it is important because it’s the first thing that’s visible when you clip your pen somewhere.

·        Points: This is one of the most critical aspects of the pen which is made of sheet metal and even gold alloys of 14 or 18 carats in some expensive pens. Originally, gold was chosen as the point materials for the best fountain pens owing to their imperviousness to chemicals within the caustic inks. See more at Notedian

·        Feed: The function of the feed is to get the ink from the tank through the point to the nib. Feed designs in the best fountain pens are fairly critical and the ones available today are developed through considerable experimentation.

When you buy fountain pens either for yourself or for the purpose of the gifting, you will be surprised to see how well these elegant pens work.

Fountain Pens for Luxury and Quality Writing

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Recent fountain pen modifications have made them to be more than just writing tools because of the features that they come with. Luxury fountain pens are made of precious materials like gold and silver to enhance the beautiful look of an office or the person holding that pen. As they are made with complicated features to offer luxury, it has also been a major concern for fountain pen owners to take good care of the pens so that they don’t reduce in quality. Cleaning it, proper handling and protecting from theft are among the duties that fountain pen owners should accomplish.

Since luxury fountain pens are of many types, there are various typical methods of how to clean a fountain pen. Depending on whether it is the nib, barrel or the converter, there are different approaches that people should use to clean their fountain pen. It will also depend on the material that was used in making the fountain pen. Some pens are sensitive to detergents and alcohols so the manufacturer always specifies what the pen owner should use to clean the fountain pen. Through that, it becomes easy for you to ensure that you clean the pen without damaging the barrel itself.

Brief procedure cleaning your fountain pen

First, you need to remove the cartridge or the converter. A converter that is no longer in use should be used to draw water to clean the nib. This is done by forcing water to run through the nib up so that is gets cleaned. You can then dry the nib of the luxury fountain pens with a dry cloth to avoid making scratches on it. If you make scratches on the nib, the writing is not going to be perfect on the paper; therefore, you need to be careful.

You may also place a new ink cartridge or an ink converter into the front end. This is another way of caring for your fountain pen. All this said, you need to ensure that you have a high quality pen that is made within the required standards of luxury. Some are made with electric features light colored lights. Others have recording devices and memory so you will not need to write points when going to any meetings. For the more advanced fountain pens, they have video cameras on top of them, which act like a form of security recording of all the activities that happen around you.

It has also been noted that the type of ink you use determines the quality of your pen writing. Inks like the J.Herbin fountain pen inks have been producing perfect writing on papers. Some inks are wetting on the paper, which make the numbers to be dull and unreadable. Choose properly the kind of ink you need to ensure that you don’t get yourself in such a situation. If you want to use different color inks, then you need to ensure that you buy from the same manufacturer so that you get the same quality of writing on your paper.